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Came back from a long and tiring day? If so, you must check our amazing spa and massage services that we are here to offer. Pick up anyone you like and our massage therapist will be ready to serve you.

We are offering the following massages:

Full Body massage (m/F)

Sandwich Massage, which is commonly known as the four hands massage, is the technique where two massage therapists are working on one body. The name is given so as the man is sandwiched between two females.

Sports Massage

The name says it all and this is a massage dedicated to all the sportsperson. Sports call for a lot of injuries in the body and these injuries can be treated with the help of a relaxing sports massage.

Deep Tissue Massage (M/F)

Indulge in this deep tissue massage where our massage therapist will work on each of tissue and relieve all your sprains, tensions and worries. We will help you sit on cloud 9 once the massage is over.

Thai Massage (M/F)

A Thai massage is a popular form of massage that uses yoga techniques to relieve the stress from the body. This massage is not modern or contemporary massage form,...............


Couples Massage

60 MIN. RS. 1500.00 / 90 MIN. RS. 2000.00

Full Body Massage (M/F)

60 MIN. RS. 1000.00 / 90 MIN. RS. 1200.00


60 MIN. RS. 1500.00 / 90 MIN. RS. 1800.00