Hot Stone Massage

You must have heard about the hot stone massage a lot but have you experienced it once in your life? The hot stone massage is of its kinds of massage where the stones have the power to reduce the stiffness of your body, improves metabolism and increase flexible movements. This massage is given for an approximate time of 1:30 hours and the massage session will help you with deep muscle relaxation by placing the soft and water heated stones at the targeted points in the body.

If you have never had a couples massage, you are deprived of one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. Have one at Niravan Spa and experience bliss. This will be a memorable spa experience for each of the partners. This is the time when you get this peaceful time with your partner and you can discuss your emotions and feelings for each other and build a long-lasting connection with each other.

At the Niravan Day Spa, we ensure that the best massage services are being given to our clients and our expert therapist strive for the same. Hot stone massage has proven benefits, let us look some of them here:

  • The conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel condition, and many other chronic diseases are cured with the help of this massage.
  • It helps in reducing pain and power spasms
  • Helps in improving flexibility in the joints.
  • Call us today and enjoy your hot stone massage in Delhi.